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Fragal Living - Saving Money

It is very easy to say that you want to spend less and save more money for the important things in life. The key is to Live a Frugal Life avoiding wastage and plugging the holes to stop your hard-earned finance draining away. To be successful in the longer term requires lifestyle change and being smart about monitoring how you spend money and learning how to save money. Many of the tricks are not obvious. There are many amazing cost-cutting tricks out there which are hidden and wait to be found on your new type of 'treasure hunt'. This site is dedicated to the hunt for smart ways to enjoy the challenge of a frugal life, spending less so you can save more for the things that matter most to you. Making many small changes can make a huge difference. The expression: "stretching the pennies to save the pounds" is as true today as it was for your grandparents. The old attitude of 'make do and mend' really makes sense even in the age of technology when 'new is best' and people rarely fix anything any more. There is advertising pressure to continually update to the latest model. There is a better way - live frugally and only buy what you really need, and buy the most efficient and less wasteful models.

This site contains a collection of the best ever facts and tips about living frugally, spending less and saving money. The articles are written by experienced experts in the area of consumer economics. The focus is on simple practical tips of guides for living frugally and saving money in many different ways. We encourage contributions from qualified and experienced writers. Please contact us and send and example of your articles. We will review your work and send you a response.

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Making Money - Small Buisness, Investments and Day Trading

This site also includes articles on small business, investing, day trading, charting and technical indicators. Day trading and small; scale stock market investments can provide a good extra income, as long as you do it carefully and properly. This site aims to help you reduce the risks. Day traders buy and sell securities within a single trading day, generally in the FOREX and Stock Market. Day traders need to be attuned to the fundamental events and announcement that cause market movement and break-outs in prices. This includes scheduled announcements such as interest rates, economic statistics and corporate earnings. Money management is a crucial part of day trading.

The numerous intraday strategies using by daytraders include: